A bit of member care

And after the fire came a gentle whisper

How often are you reflecting on your everyday life? Do you take time in the evenings to calm down? To calm your thoughts and reflect on what happened today or what the next day might bring? I don’t mean to worry about things, but to reflect on them in a Godly way, a meaningful and helpful way.


How often do you listen to your thoughts? How often do you sit down, remaining silent and just listen to what is going on in your mind, soul and heart?


Has it crossed your mind to think about how much silence can teach you? Did you ever think about how loud a silence can actually be? How easily we are overlooking it in our everyday life? Did you ever think about how many thoughts are hovering around needing attention, or an extra moment of your precious time? Needing care? Needing an extra “Jesus- hug”


Sometimes silence is so much louder than we think. Sometimes you can only find the answer in silence, in the gentle whisper…


Recently we, as Member Care and the Guesthouse of FMZ, had the opportunity to facilitate a retreat at our guesthouse for missionaries serving in Zambia.

This time we did something new.

It was a time of prayer, silence and solitude, in short PSSR. It was about unplugging from life’s every day demands. It sounds easy and not like a big deal. But wait – just think about it: being silent for 24 hours. Spending meaningful time just with your thoughts, yourself and God.

Have you ever done this? It can be quite challenging, but at the same time it can be the most beautiful thing on earth you can experience. It can be a time to discover and encounter things inside yourself you didn`t know existed.

We started off with a time of introduction, getting to know each other and having a nice meal. After the meal we had a short devotion (2 Kings ch19, v 11) and officially announced the time of silence for the next 24 hours. The participants were given some ideas on how to spend the time but it was more about how they figured out spending meaningful time with the LORD.

Fast forward 24 hours: 

We all gathered and shared our experiences. It was wonderful to see how the attendees encountered God in a new or maybe long forgotten way, a different and maybe unknown way: in silence. Some said they started to see God in a new light or discovered things they`ve never thought about before. Some had a breakthrough in battles they were fighting. You may not believe it, but ALL of them ENJOYED the silence. Some didn`t even want to talk again after the 24 hours ended!

It filled our hearts with joy and thanksgiving to see how God can move hearts when we are ready to listen. God is a faithful God, romancing us with gentle whispers. Our prayer is that you will encounter God´s gentle whisper today.

Be blessed

David and Sally Lott, with Nina Kehr, for Flying Mission Zambia