A Short-Termer Reflects: Aviation, Training and Care Ministries

Helen Scarlett in organising the new AMETS LibraryHelen Scarlett, a short-term missionary from New Zealand, came to serve with Flying Mission for 3 months from the start of May 2014. We have been greatly blessed by her servant heart, energy, skills and gifting. Here is what she had to say about her time with us …

“My 3 months with Flying Mission in Botswana has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience as I have made new friends and seen a good cross section of the work that the mission does.

I saw an advert, on the Serving in Mission (SIM) website, for a short term administrative assistant role with Flying Mission. I felt it was a role I could be useful in, and SIM facilitated my coming to Gaborone. Flying Mission’s motto, ‘We serve by facilitating the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through aviation, training and care ministries’, has reminded me of the three persons of the Godhead; I got to see all 3 in action.

Helen Scarlett with one of AMETS students Working at Flying Mission’s Air Maintenance and Engineering Training School (FM-AMETS) has shown me the Holy Spirit at work as He empowers the staff to make a positive impact and influence on the lives of young men and women who are seeking to become aircraft mechanics. The training school not only prepares students practically and theoretically to be effective licensed aircraft engineers but teaches them life-skills and gives them the opportunity to learn more about Christianity. This happens through studying and being placed in Christian work environments, and through the ‘Alpha’ programme (a course that helps students explore Christianity).  My involvement has been mainly office based as I have supported the school administratively and helped set up and organise the student library.

Each Friday, as I have been with the workers at the main office and Flying Mission Care Ministries, I have seen first-hand the care of God for his children.  With the Care Ministry department I witnessed Pre-school and Sunday School Teachers being taught, I visited the ‘Sedibeng Sa Lorato’ (‘Well of Love’) after school programme (where the children enjoyed games, songs and Bible stories as well as ‘food, glorious food’),  and I  visited the Rerotlhe Day Care Centre at the rural cattle post community of Seherelela to give gifts of clothing, books and food to many smiling children.

  some of the children from the Sedibeng Sa Lorato after school programme Mercy Flight ride

Whilst visiting the Flying Mission Services (FMS) Hangar for some of their daily devotions, I got to know a little of the important work of healing and saving lives which their work of providing mercy and medical flights facilitates. I was privileged to take a flight to Francistown and see for myself the care and professional concern of the paramedics and pilots as they brought a seriously ill young man from the hospital there for specialist care in Gaborone. 

May God to continue bless the work of all who are part of the mission.”

If you have gifts or skills to offer and the desire and willingness to come and support God’s work through Flying Mission in southern Africa then we would love to hear from you: http://flyingmission.org/contact.php