A VIPOP – what’s that?

A VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER – that’s what a VIPOP is. And here it is: the Air Operator Certificate, presented to Flying Mission Zambia by the ZCAA, the regulating body for aviation here in Zambia.Receiving the document


It has taken 2 and a half years to acquire this certificate and is the ‘passport’ to more ministry in Southern Africa for Flying Mission Zambia. National changes required Flying Mission to register as a commercial organisation and qualify for the new status. Much paperwork and re-structuring took place at Chilongolo to make it happen.

extended runway took 10 years to arrange


Now they have it! No wonder the CEO and Operations Manager went out to lunch after getting it in their hands. 

celebrating several years of hard labour

Well done to all who worked so hard to make it happen. We look forward to telling you how the organisation has been able to achieve more good things for the Zambian people as a result of this latest development.