Another way of reaching the community


‘One way we’ve already been able to use the new BIG house we just moved into was to host a huge yard sale in our driveway’, writes Michele Royce of Flying Mission Zambia. ‘It was raining in the morning so most of the sale was moved into the garage, front porch and under a tree. What we were selling was odds and ends, things that previous missionaries weren’t able to sell or move on before leaving the country. Over the years stuff has just accumulated here at FMZ.

We decided to have a sale geared tow
ards local people we would call walk-ins, people that don’t have cars or a lot of money. Sale proceeds are going to our Local Outreach Fund. This means that ultimately we will be able to further bless the very people who bought at the yard sale.

We sold clothes for 20 cents each or 50 cents for three items, books for 10 cents apiece. It was so cool to see people able to buy bags and bags of stuff for literally 5 dollars or 10 dollars.

We were happy to move these items on to make room for current storage needs, and they were happy to have new things for their children and homes.’

Shoes are always needed in the community and one helper told us that there was one particular pair which caught the eye of almost every woman or girl who came. It was reminiscent of the Cinderella story as each tried the shoes in the hope that she would be the one to take them home! I’m not sure whether this little girl was the successful one or not, but I hope she was! There was no handsome prince in this offer, though, as far as I know…

It sounds like this event made everyone happy! I am assured that the proceeds amounted to over 6000 kwacha (or 600 dollars), which will be very useful to the Local Co-ordinator of Outreach, Pastor Michael, as he works to connect with local people on behalf of FMZ in order to introduce them to the Most Wonderful Prince of all, our Lord Jesus Christ.