Bibles Behind Bars

Patient At ARV Clinic Holding His New BibleFlying Mission Team Outside Nykoyaphiri Clinic

Christian discipleship is a core part of the vision of Flying Mission Care Ministries. To this end we are involved in Bible distribution activities throughout the year at prisons, HIV and AIDS treatment clinics, and amongst children’s ministry projects and Sunday Schools.

From August to October 2014 we were able to distribute 454 Bibles across 8 ARV clinics in Gaborone; this includes Old Naledi, Broadhurst 3, Broadhurst Traditional, Bontleng, Phase 2, The Village, Nkoyaphiri and Leserane Clinics. The distributions went very well and normally included a time of devotion led by one the distributors or a representative from a local church. Patients and staff expressed their appreciation for our visits, Christian teaching and the distributions; several patients stated that they had been praying for a long time for a Bible and saw this as God’s answer to that prayer.   

Patients at Clinic Holding Their New BiblesPatient Receives Bible

In November 2014 we joined with a team from Alpha Botswana to go into Moshupa Young Offenders Prison (for young men aged 18-21 years). ‘Alpha Botswana’ have been running a 14 week Alpha Course with the inmates that explains the fundamentals of Christianity and gives them small group discussion time each session to address issues and questions they may have. We attended on a day when the topic was “How and Why Should I Read The Bible?” and it was great to be able to provide each of the 145 inmates in attendance with their own Bible. Most of the inmates have no visitors, educational challenges, and lack very basic essentials such as hygiene products. We know that a Bible is a rare and precious possession for them; it is good to know they are regularly meeting with the Alpha team who can help them engage with and use it.

In December 2014 we returned to the prison with the Alpha team to see the inmates graduate from the Alpha Course. We were pleased to be able to give a care package to every inmate (consisting of soap, face cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste) as well as 5 sets of hair clippers to the prison staff to be lent out to the inmates (previously the inmates had been sharing one set of clippers between them). We praise God for this opportunity to demonstrate God’s love in a practical way.

Flying Mission and Alpha Botswana Team with Prison Officer (blurred out in photo) at Moshupa Prison

Please uphold in prayer those who have received the Bibles in the clinics and prison so far, that they would read them and respond. Also pray for the Alpha Botswana team as they continue their important work in prisons in Botswana and commence a follow character development course (‘Jesus Lifestyle’) with the inmates at Moshupa Prison from January 2015.