Botswana Bible Distribution 2012

bible distributionEvery year the Flying Mission celebrates Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) by taking boxes of Bibles to Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone and distributing them to the patients. This year, with gifts from FMS and a generous donation from the United Free Church of Scotland, FM and FMS personnel were able to give the gift of God’s word to nearly 600 patients.

It was an exhilarating experience for pilot Chris Thomas, who is new to FMS this year. Chris, whose previous flying assignment was in a “closed” country, thoroughly appreciated being able to hand out Bibles without fear of persecution. He also was encouraged to see such openness to the word of God. “Every person wanted a Bible,” he said. “We even had visitors follow us patiently until we were finished distributing to the patients, hoping that there would be Bibles left for them.” Fortunately there were enough left over, and in the end, they received Bibles, too.

bible distribution bible distribution

Our personnel were able to speak personally to the patients and their families and to pray with some. They go to be an encouragement, but it never fails that they are encouraged, too. And it is always exciting to leave the hospital holding onto God’s promise that His word never goes out without bearing fruit and accomplishing His purposes.