Can you sense the joy of serving?

Flying Mission Zambia is in that country to serve. Nina, our vibrant Guesthouse Manager, shared this turnaround tale with us.

‘We recently experienced God once again making something good out of something bad. There was a severe Cholera outbreak in Lusaka: lots of people got sick and some even died. But even in tragedy, God loves to surprise us with good. He has different ways to spoil us with material things, weather, food, but in this case He surprised us with good people.

A family of 5 was coming from a very rural area in the North of Zambia to travel to their home country of Germany. All they had with them was 2 suitcases, 3 bags and a bike – and 3 children aged 4, 2, and a newborn baby just 2 weeks old. They planned to get the baby registered in town in order to fly home but, because of the cholera, the offices here in Lusaka were closed and no one knew when they would reopen. So they were stuck. They didn`t even have a place to stay. But God already had that in hand.

He had connected them a while ago with a former worker of Flying Mission Zambia who told them about our Guesthouse. Due to some maintenance and a conference, it was difficult to host them in the Guesthouse, but who are we to leave a family without a place to stay? So we made it work. The Flying Mission team was awesome: changing their plans to give them space; welcoming them and making them feel at home, spoiling them, but also giving them time on their own.

Imagine. You can imagine that living in the bush in a rural area does not give you a lot of time for your family, or even for yourself. They had been in a big house with a lot people and they, as a family of 5, had just one room for themselves. There was no running water or sink close by. Imagine you and your kids are sick and the restroom is located in another house! Then an accident occurred: their 2 year old girl fell into a septic tank… and the pregnant mum couldn`t get her out.

“First I didn`t see her at all. She was gone. I kneeled down, laying on the ground, trying to reach her hand – but there was nothing. In all of the mess I was reaching into I couldn’t find her hand. It was devastating. But then, suddenly, I saw 2 fingers, like somebody pushed her to the surface. Immediately I grabbed her fingers and pulled her out. She was breathing, she was alive! What a relief. We had her checked out in a clinic close by, as far as that can be done in a bush clinic. She was fine. So far she has had no complications and is back to normal.”

Spending time with them and listening to their story, it was clear that they had been through a lot (much more than I have mentioned here). Rushing from one world (Zambia) to another (Germany) doesn`t give you a lot of time to process feelings and thoughts. So I am glad they came to our guesthouse. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve them, to meet their needs and to build them up where it was needed. I am thankful to have gotten to know them and become a part of their lives. I am thankful that they could enjoy staying with us.

But that`s not the only thing I am thankful for. Two days after they arrived in Lusaka the Dad was allowed to go in to one of the offices to have the baby registered. Just one day later he got the papers back (that`s very amazing and super quick for here.) Then he could go to the German Embassy to get the passports sorted and book the tickets. It took just a week for the whole process, which is a remarkable achievement. God definitely answers prayers! It showed me one more time: even if life is a mess, if there is only chaos all around me and it seems there is no way through, HE IS IN CONTROL! HE IS HANDLING IT. My part is to enjoy and embrace life, have faith in God and focus on the relationships I’m in. We need each other. We need to be there for one another. I can relax. He is in control. I am so thankful to be reminded that God is bigger than any problem.’

Thanks for sharing this event, Nina. We are thankful with you (and for you!).