It Only Takes A Spark

C 421 and smokeWalt Driediger (FMS maintenance specialist) had smelled smoke at the airport before, so he didn’t think it was that unusual Monday afternoon, when he walked from the maintenance office into the hangar and smelled smoke. “It was God at work,” said Walt. “He prompted me to go outside and look.” What he saw was a grass fire approaching the hangar. He went back in the hangar and informed the other guys. “Hey, guys! Do you know there’s a fire out there?”

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Having attended the dedication of our King Air 90 this year I was reminded of other dedications of FM planes I had had the privilege of attending. In 1983 I was present when we dedicated a Cessna 206 named “Lephoi la Pula” which means “The Dove of Blessing”. Dr Alfred Merriweather, our then Patron, did the dedicating.

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Out Of The Blue

During the frosty, dark hours of a winter morning in the Kalahari Desert, a baby boy was born to a young San (Bushman) woman. The birth of a baby in Botswana is a welcome and celebrated event, a triumph for the mother. This mother’s joy, however, was mixed with worry and fear. Her tiny son, weighing only one kilogram, had arrived prematurely, 30 days before he was due.
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