Fundraising Help for Faith Based Organisations

Mr Michael Myerstein leads fundraising workshop for FBOsThere are many ‘Faith Based Organisations’ (FBOs) in Botswana that do a great variety of valuable and important work. Most are reliant on large international donors and occasional government offers to fund proposals. The challenge of finding funding to sustain the various ministries has always been a difficult one and it is one that seems to be getting harder. The global economic crises has certainly impacted the funds large donor bodies are able to give, and the causes and interests of donors are becoming narrower. If FBOs are to thrive in Botswana they need to think beyond their traditional donor base, to consider other potential donors and to be empowered and equipped to tap into them.

It was therefore very exciting for Flying Mission Care Ministries, along with Hope Worldwide and Pastor Andrew Mudereri (St Peters Day Care), to be involved in hosting and facilitating a fundraising Workshop for FBOs. Continue reading “Fundraising Help for Faith Based Organisations”

Children’s Ministry Training Workshop

On 29th January Flying Mission Care Ministries was privileged to facilitate a 1 day workshop for children’s ministry workers in Gaborone. The workshop was presented by Mrs Kimberley Stahlke, who volunteered her time to run the event during a 2 week visit from her home in Canada. Kimberley has many years of experience as a Children’s worker and Sunday School director.Composite image of Children's Ministry Workshop Continue reading “Children’s Ministry Training Workshop”

One Year in Botswana

Katrin Loesch; Short-Term missionary with Flying MissionKatrin Lösch, a member of ‘Liebenzeller Mission’ in Germany, arrived in Botswana at the start of September 2012 as a short-term missionary. Since then she has been involved in a wide variety of work and ministries. As she approaches the end of her time here it seemed like a good opportunity to ask her what she has been up to, what things have challenged her, and what things have blessed her most.

Katrin says, “I have always had a heart for Africa but have never been here before, nor indeed done any mission work overseas before” so she was excited to be placed with a German missionary family serving in Gaborone. Her main role has been German language practice and teaching with the family’s children (on a part time basis as the children are schooling). Katrin was also keen to find other opportunities to serve. Continue reading “One Year in Botswana”

A Picture for Mma Lesego

Mma Lesego, Deb & KgMma Lesego, our Motswana “mother”, is one of the dearest people in all the world to me.  My regard for her knows no bounds.  For many decades, she was a hardworking woman who raised eight children in a hot and dusty climate, with no electricity and no running water.  Now blind and limited greatly in what she can do, she is still a woman of great courage, perseverance, and faith.

By the time we came to Botswana in early 1992, Mma Lesego had been widowed for numerous years.  She had pretty much finished raising her own children and had started raising the next generation.  Then she was asked by our mission to raise Mark and me, too — in the Setswana language and culture.  When we arrived, Mma Lesego had three grown children living with her and seven grandchildren.  Mark and I lived in her son’s house next door, but we shared her toilet facility, so we visited her yard several times every day.  In addition, we accompanied Mma Lesego almost everywhere she went — to the kgotla (tribal meeting place), to weddings, to funerals, on social visits, to the clinic, etc.  We also “helped” her with chores — fetching firewood, building a kraal, mudding floors, and so on.  (As novices, we weren’t that much help.) Continue reading “A Picture for Mma Lesego”

Sunday School Under the Trees

Learning their versesOne of the highlights of my week is teaching Sunday School – under the trees. A special set of conditions comes along with it. During the summer, the higher the sun gets, the deeper we move our chairs into the shade. During the winter, when we get cold, we stop the lesson long enough to do calisthenics to warm us up. When it’s windy, the seed pods and pollen stick in our hair. I never dealt with predicaments like this when teaching Sunday School in the US. Continue reading “Sunday School Under the Trees”

Botswana Bible Distribution 2012

bible distributionEvery year the Flying Mission celebrates Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) by taking boxes of Bibles to Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone and distributing them to the patients. This year, with gifts from FMS and a generous donation from the United Free Church of Scotland, FM and FMS personnel were able to give the gift of God’s word to nearly 600 patients.

It was an exhilarating experience for pilot Chris Thomas, who is new to FMS this year. Continue reading “Botswana Bible Distribution 2012”

Using what’s in their hands!

It was a day Evelyn Driediger says she has been dreaming of for a long time.

After almost a year and a half teaching patchwork and quilting classes to a group of four ladies, they were on this day celebrating their challenging journey, in a ceremony showcasing their achievements.

In 2007 God called Ev and her husband Walt from Canada to Botswana where Walt would work for Flying Mission Services. At this time, Ev had no idea what her calling would be…

Continue reading “Using what’s in their hands!”

Equipping caregivers to impact orphans and vulnerable children

Recently I had the opportunity and privilege of spending a week travelling around Botswana with Early Childhood Development (ECD) trainer Gertrude, as we visited caregivers who, for the last 18 months, have been training through the Flying Mission ECD programme, Little Seeds.

These caregivers were working in a variety of settings teaching orphans, vulnerable, and disadvantaged children. Our travels took us to a centre for refugee children, a special-needs preschool, and a preschool for deaf children, among others.

Continue reading “Equipping caregivers to impact orphans and vulnerable children”

Hurry Up Next Year!

I don’t like camping. Period. It’s a lot of work, especially here in Botswana where it really does mean bringing almost everything but the kitchen sink. However, when our church went camping one weekend last year, I could tell from the reports afterwards that we had missed out on a really good time. So, when our church decided to go camping again this year, I told my husband, Mark, that I would give it a try. It helped that the location chosen was much closer this year — in Mopane, only about 20 minutes from home. This meant that an escape was possible, should the conditions prove to be too trying for me or our daughter, KG.

Continue reading “Hurry Up Next Year!”

In His Time: A Christmas Story

C&JSince my husband Colin and I arrived in Maun, our hearts desire has been to reflect the love of Christ to others around us. As our first Christmas here approached, we were yearning even more to truly share the meaning of Christ’s love with others living in Maun. We began poking around in the Flying Mission storage containers for material resources for ministry, and came across just the blessing we were hoping for. One of the containers was full of boxes of baby clothes and toiletry supplies! We filled our vehicle with all the goodies we had found and returned to the FMS house to sort them with the help of our porter, Robert, and his wife Pusetso.

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