Me? A Missionary?

Sonia Sutton; Short-Term Missionary with Flying Mission

Then Jesus came to them and said,“ … go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you …” Matthew 28:18-20.

It is Jesus’ command to all believers that they should take the Gospel, through word and deed, to the whole world. At Flying Mission we are blessed to have an international team serving with us in fulfillment of this command. Part of this team is Sonia Sutton, a teacher from New Zealand, who is doing a short–term placement with us. We asked her a few questions about what brought her to Botswana and Flying Mission. Here’s what she had to say:


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The Importance of Good Governance

Dr. Les Stahlke; Consultant on GovernanceFlying Mission has been privileged to benefit from the skills and gifts of Dr. Les Stahlke, a consultant specialising in Governance (which he defines as “… the process of directing and controlling an organisation by policy rather than individual management decisions”). He has a wealth of experience in this area having been a CEO himself for 35 years in Canada, the U.S., the U.K and 6 countries in Africa. He says, “today I travel the world assisting Boards of Directors to make the change from managing to governing … I’ve worked with over 200 boards and about 300 CEOs since I started global consulting in 1999.”

He first engaged with FM at the start of 2012 and since then has been giving his time generously to work with all in FM to provide governance training and consultancy; he has made 13 trips to Botswana since then and expects to be working with FM until the end of November 2013 Continue reading “The Importance of Good Governance”

FM Office Move

New Flying Mission Head OfficeChange is part of life. Flying Mission (FM) has seen many changes over the years; some minor and some major, the latest being a change of Head Office location from a space in the ‘Kia Motors Building’ in the north of Gaborone in Botswana (where it has been since 2004) to a large house plot in the ‘Village’ suburb the other side of the city. 


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Happy Mother’s Day

Mark wasn’t home last night, so KG got to sleep with me. She looked at me in my flannel pajamas, with my hair pulled up in a messy knot on top of my head, and said, “You are SO beautiful, my mama.” Hearing KG say that used to make me laugh and crack jokes about her vision impairment. But I have learned to enjoy looking through my daughter’s eyes. It is one of the miracles of life that a child can look at her mom when her mom looks her worst and still think that her mom is beautiful!

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Recalling what God has done

KG dancingKG was an exuberant worshiper yesterday.  It was one of those Sundays when I struggled with whether I should rein her in or whether I should give her free rein.  But as I watched her dancing and jumping in the aisle, I thought back to our first two years at this church, when KG walked on her knees instead of her feet.  I wondered if the people who might be annoyed by her exuberant aisle-dancing now ever think about that.  Her knees looked like camel knees back then, they were so thick and calloused from doing the work of her feet.  We were so grateful when she finally gained the confidence to walk upright, even though she had the gait of a happy bear. Continue reading “Recalling what God has done”

Locked Out

Clothes peg spellingWhat to do when your tired and hungry daughter locks herself and you out of the house for 2½ hours:  Review memory verses; list what you’re thankful for; pray for Daddy to come home; say the sounds of the alphabet; practice rhyming; count to 50 by ones; count to 100 by 5’s; count to 100 by 10’s; pray for Daddy to come home; sweep the gazebo floor and the sidewalk; play “I Spy”; take the laundry off the line; use the clothespins to practice phonics; thank God that Daddy came home!

Special Ed – Cross-cultural Kids

Today in home school we continued our section on “Wh” questions, this time focusing on “What,” “Where,” and “When.” Once again KG gave a lot of answers that differed from the ones given in the book – but this time I could blame it on her cross-cultural upbringing.

“What makes a car run?” I asked. “Gasoline,” said the book. “Petrol,” said KG.

“Where do ants live?” I asked. “In anthills,” said the book. “In ant mounds,” said KG.

“When do you put a stamp on an envelope?” I asked. “Before you mail it,” said the book. “Before you post it,” said KG.

“When does a rooster crow?” I asked. “In the morning,” said the book. “All night long,” said KG.

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Special Ed – Homeschool

A while back, we posted a story about Kgakgamatso “KG” Spicer (see the story Two More Milestones Reached). A few years on, and KG has passed more milestones, including starting at school. Read on for an excerpt from a homeschool day …


For the past several years, KG attended the one private school in Gaborone that has a program for special needs kids.  Although she may return to this school in the future, I am now teaching her at home in an effort to give her the one-on-one instruction that she requires.  Her teacher was far more capable and qualified than I am, but with eight other special needs kids in his classroom, he didn’t have time to give her the one-on-one teaching that she needs. Continue reading “Special Ed – Homeschool”

Adventure with God

We wait and wonder, “What will they be like?” It’s a question we ask ourselves every time we make a trip to the airport to meet newcomers. We have seen their photos, read their CV’s (resumés), communicated by e-mail, but until we see them, there is still that question.

The doors open and there they are; Deborah from Switzerland, and Christian and Stefan from Germany. The youngest is 18 and the oldest 20.

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