Rambos or Rainbowz? Life on the edge

housing in Makeni KongaHere at Makeni Konga, 15kms from central Lusaka, most families are living in simple, rented mudbrick housing. Men are mostly unemployed or only finding casual work; if they’re lucky, women might work for a few mornings as a house help at a farm or for a person who has a job in town. There is usually little money coming into the home. The major strategy for survival for adults is to consume the local home-brew, which can be a fearsome liquid made from any spirit one might lay hands on. One nickname for it is ‘red-eye’, since those who drink it take on that appearance. Continue reading “Rambos or Rainbowz? Life on the edge”

Make way! More progress at Chilongolo base

Chilongolo, base for Flying Mission operations in Zambia, is growing in all directions. This new hangar, funded jointly by Beit Trust and a supporting church in USA, is the latest development. It will provide much-needed wind protection and hard standing for our aeroplanes. Indeed it may even enable us to apply for status as a maintenance base in the future.

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Cottage industry in the neighbourhood

Mavis concentrating on her squareWhen knitting wool arrived in the container from USA – you can read about it in the item, Worth waiting for – and needles appeared in boxes from UK shortly afterwards, we knew here at Flying Mission Zambia that it was time to get people knitting!

The girls in the neighbourhood were the first ones to try. They knitted ‘squares’ – in reality they were many interesting shapes – which they crocheted together to make a colourful blanket, of which they are most proud. It was fun to see them walking around with needles clicking, instead of sitting aimlessly around their houses. They will give the blanket to an older person when the cold winter nights come to Zambia in June and July.

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Christmas Comes Early for Flying Mission United

GrinsToday, ‘Flying Mission United’ football team(s) gathered under the rondavel and I was privileged to be involved in handing out the new football equipment to them.

Football is an important ministry at the Chilongolo airstrip base of Flying Mission Zambia. Boys from about 7 years old gather weekly to learn soccer skills. Sally Green coaches the younger boys 7-9 and 10-15, and Leonard, our foreman at Chilongolo, coaches the older guys 16-23.

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Black Stars score again!

One of the Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) ministries which is popular in the community is soccer. For some while now, a group of young guys has been practising here on our ‘rough and ready’ pitch at Chilongolo, the FMZ Mission base near to Lusaka. When Roger and Sally Green went home to UK one time, they were able to collect football boots, team jerseys and a number of balls for the lads and so it was that FM United Black Stars soccer team was born! Now they regularly play games against other local teams and are generally quite successful!

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