I know what you need!

CASAS church in Tucson, Arizona, USA, has generously supported Flying Mission Zambia in various ways over a number of years so it was not altogether surprising to hear from them last year with another proposition. They were upgrading their Christian School laptops, and offering the obsolete models to Zambia. Although initially we had no obvious need for them, we gratefully accepted them. They were to come out in a container which was due to arrive in June. It finally came in August. In September, just a matter of days later, FMZ was informed of a burglary in Macha – laptops were taken from New Day Orphanage! The rest is history! Continue reading “I know what you need!”

Helping out in Macha

Flying Mission Zambia people seem to be retracing their steps just now. Following Diane Wilson’s trip back to Mukinge where she nursed (read it in……Mukinge Hospital re-visited), pilot Rick Rempel took his family back to Macha recently. The rural village was Rick and Tracey’s first home after their marriage. Rick was going to help MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) to erect a water tower. He was helping to lay the footings. MICS is a day / boarding school which helps under-privileged children.

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God delivers again

Good news: Prince is mobile! If you’ve read here about Prince in the item, Want to make it happen for Prince?, you’ll know he needed wheels. Some folks in UK sent out buggies for disabled children in Zambia and Prince has been allocated one of those. It’s the all-terrain type, with big wheels. 

The intention is that it will enable him to manage the rough ground around the village and school until his wheelchair from USA arrives. His friends are already happily pushing him along with them so now he can be ‘just one of the boys’! Continue reading “God delivers again”

Want to make it happen for Prince?

Prince at MICSThis is Prince. He boards at MICS, the community school in Macha, rural Zambia. He needs a suitable wheel chair to use around rough-ground Macha. An organisation has kindly donated one. It is in a container in the USA. It can’t be shipped till there are funds. Until it comes, Prince is having great difficulty wheeling around the village and school complex.

Director of MICS, Ronda Krause, says this:

‘During the past year and a half MICS has been blessed by some very special donors from Orphans Promise who graciously donated the funds to build a second boarding home for MICS. Continue reading “Want to make it happen for Prince?”

Macha Airport Day

This report came recently from Flying Mission Zambia Pilot, Rick Rempel, shortly before leaving Macha to be stationed back at Chilongolo:watching hopefully

For the past 2 ½ years my family had the privilege of living in the rural community of Macha, Zambia. We were there with the Flying Mission Zambia Cessna 206. It assists the rural ITC community development programme, Malaria Research Institute, and the hospital. Whilst we regularly fly many local people in the plane, there are always many more who would like to have an opportunity to have a ride. So, with such interest within the local community, an Airport Day was organised…… Continue reading “Macha Airport Day”

New experience, new swing!

Being a Flying Mission Zambia pilot is not just about flying aeroplanes – oh no. Pilot Rick Rempel, stationed at Macha with his family, decided to offer a new experience to the older boys at the MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) by helping them to design and build a swing set for the school. 

He tells us, "The first thing the boys did was to look at another swing set to see how it was designed and how we could build our own. Continue reading “New experience, new swing!”

Textbooks break the record! says Ronda

Ronda Krause, Director of Macha Innovative Christian School, MICS, which serves the Macha community in the bush, sent us this report recently. Flying Mission Zambia is proud to be able to help in situations like this.

Pilot John  unloads cargoLast week I was talking to God about the fact that we needed more textbooks. You see, the ones we have been using for the last five years were already secondhand when we got them. A school in Botswana was so kind when they gave us their used books to get us started. The other day I noticed the condition of the books as I was getting some reading books for the fifth grade class. Yikes! Most of them were falling apart!! Continue reading “Textbooks break the record! says Ronda”