Mercy Fliers Paediatric Surgery Outreach


It was a sunny morning shortly after Zambia celebrated fifty years of independence.  Dr Bruce Bvulani waited on the airfield with Doctors Craig and Rae Oranmore-Brown of Mercy Fliers (partner organisation with Flying Mission Zambia) whilst baggage was stowed and pre-flight checks done. 

Craig continues:  after a pleasant and uneventful flight, we arrived at Mukinge and got to work. The late morning was spent seeing patients and making a rather ambitious surgery list for the visit.  We started operating that afternoon.

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Plane facilitates change for the better

Clinic day

Mission partner, Mukinge Hospital, is just one of many mission and development organisations to receive regular aviation support from Flying Mission Zambia. Every month, FMZ flies medical personnel from the organisation FlySpec to the hospital to assist the staff to give the best possible care to their rural patients.

Michelle Proctor recently reported:

The orthopaedic team made their monthly visit from Lusaka and as usual it was a busy two days seeing all the patients on the wards and in clinic and then operating on those who need surgery. Continue reading “Plane facilitates change for the better”

Mukinge Hospital re-visited

Diane Wilson, wife of Flying Mission Zambia Managing Director Bryan, tells of the visit their family made to North West Province recently:

travelling ‘It’s always special for me to return to Mukinge Hospital in North West Zambia. It is the place where I worked as a nurse for 2 ½ years from 1998 and where I fell in love with Africa! A new Maternity Ward has been built in the last 5 years to cater for increasing numbers of ladies having babies at the hospital. It looks great. Female Ward, where I used to work, has been expanded to include a ‘High Care’ area. Continue reading “Mukinge Hospital re-visited”

From witchcraft to Christ

Perhaps you recognise this header as the title of a book written by Doreen Irvine in UK some years back. Or maybe you thought about Paul in his time at Ephesus when many trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and turned from their magic to the Living God. The good news is that such things are still happening today! We heard this story from Gwen Amborski, Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) missionary formerly at our partner Mission station, Mukinge Hospital, NW Province.

Mukinge from the air

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