Meeting a legend

Bryan Wilson, Managing Director of Flying Mission Zambia, shares a very significant meeting that he and his wife Diane had recently:

Diane and I are very involved in the Baobab School in Lusaka, which all our children attend. I am Chairman of the Board and Head of the Development committee. 

Upon completion of the new Administration building the Principal asked the 91 year old Kenneth Kaunda (KK), Zambia’s 1st president from 1964-1991, to officially open the building.

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‘In the groove’ at Lake Kariba

Each year a time away from the base is scheduled by Flying Mission Zambia for its personnel. It serves to give the team a time together whilst away from the usual round of duties at Chilongolo, outside of Lusaka, where the mission operates. It’s a time to replenish batteries. This year the designated venue was ‘Eagles Rest’ at Siavonga on Lake Kariba, which is about three hours driving from Lusaka.


The invited speaker was Desmond Frey and the topic he spoke on was WALKING OUT YOUR DESTINY which people found very helpful. Consequently some major decisions were confirmed during the conference. 

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Giving a ‘leg up’

You might recognise these people…

since US born Jeff and Michele Royce have worked with Flying Mission in Botswana in the past and are much valued in the organisation. They have been in the US for a few years but, now with two daughters, they feel that the time is right for them to re-join Flying Mission, this time in Zambia. Jeff is a pilot/ engineer and Michele a people-person! Good mix.

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What do Flying Mission pilot Daddies do on their days off?

Mummy Rempel (Tracey) wrote this recently: 

School will soon be finished for the year. Matthew will be finished with Reception (Kindergarten) and will be going into Grade 1 come August. Joshua will be joining Matthew at school starting in pre-school. Earlier in this school term the students were told of the upcoming book week activity of creating a mode of transport from a cardboard box. 

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Mukinge Hospital re-visited

Diane Wilson, wife of Flying Mission Zambia Managing Director Bryan, tells of the visit their family made to North West Province recently:

travelling ‘It’s always special for me to return to Mukinge Hospital in North West Zambia. It is the place where I worked as a nurse for 2 ½ years from 1998 and where I fell in love with Africa! A new Maternity Ward has been built in the last 5 years to cater for increasing numbers of ladies having babies at the hospital. It looks great. Female Ward, where I used to work, has been expanded to include a ‘High Care’ area. Continue reading “Mukinge Hospital re-visited”

We plough the fields and scatter

ploughingIt is the time of year in many parts of the world when the crops have been harvested and the ground is being prepared for fresh seed to be sown. At Chilongolo, Flying Mission Zambia base, the workers are busy getting their portions of land ready.

FMZ takes its responsibility to its workers seriously. They each have an allocation of ground and seed as part of their wage so that they can manage to feed their families during the coming year.

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