Gift of the Gospel

In KaputaRecently, Flying Mission Zambia had the privilege of flying the Baptist Strategy Coordinator, Mike Howard, and Treasurer, Tim Shaw, to the far north-east corner of Zambia. James and Mary Margaret Adair live up there in the village of Kaputa, which is only 6 miles from the border with Congo. This couple have been placed here as part of the Baptist strategy to reach the “least reached” or “un-reached” people groups in the area. James and Mary Margaret have spent the majority of the last six months sorting out a house and working on learning the Taabwa language. They have also been learning the Bemba language, the trade language of the area. Continue reading “Gift of the Gospel”

Air Ambulance Saves Girl from Bush Accident

Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) has placed Phil Smith and his family at Chitokoloki Mission with a Cessna 206, to serve the Church and Mission in that area. When Chief Pilot Dave Lott was checking Phil out on airstrips in the North West Province, neither had any idea that very soon they were going to be used significantly by God. Phil’s first Air Ambulance flight for FMZ saved Gladys, a 16-year-old girl.

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A day in the life of…a Flying Mission Zambia pilot!

A typical day for the pilots here at Flying Mission Zambia…

It’s …Wednesday… and the schedule in the Flying Mission Office reads: FLCG-ABFA-FLCH-ABFA-FLCH-ABFA. Rick Rempel is assigned to do the flight from Chilongolo (FLCG), Flying Mission’s base near Lusaka, to Macha (ABFA) which is home to the ‘Brethren in Christ’ Mission Hospital. Macha is located in the bush a 5 hour drive from Lusaka and is a regular destination for Flying Mission planes.

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Black Stars score again!

One of the Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) ministries which is popular in the community is soccer. For some while now, a group of young guys has been practising here on our ‘rough and ready’ pitch at Chilongolo, the FMZ Mission base near to Lusaka. When Roger and Sally Green went home to UK one time, they were able to collect football boots, team jerseys and a number of balls for the lads and so it was that FM United Black Stars soccer team was born! Now they regularly play games against other local teams and are generally quite successful!

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Up, Up and Away to N W Province!

Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) has been helping partner organizations in NW Province to upgrade their airstrips. Roger Green (projects) and his wife Sally drove the 11 hour journey to Chitokoloki to assist the Manager, Gordon Hanna, to prepare the field for inspection by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). Roger chose to drive the short route through the bush! The better roads need 13 hours since the route is longer.

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How do you get to the hospital?

Today we met a family who were camped out beside the floating pontoon which brings patients across the river Zambezi at Chitokoloki, N W Province. They did not drive here and they certainly did not fly! They came in a tiny mokoro (dugout canoe) from the town of Lukulu, 2 days paddling time along the river. They had brought their child to see a doctor. The little guy had a problem with his eye. Lukulu has Government clinics but the family wanted their child to be seen by one of the Chitokoloki doctors, of whom they had heard such good reports.

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