Meeting needs in rural Zambia

Elissa and Darren Tompkins have served as Medical missionaries at Mukinge Hospital in NW Zambia for 8 years. Darren is the Medical Director. Elissa home schools their 5 children.

Elissa and the children stayed at the Flying Mission Zambia Guest House in Lusaka for some days recently, in order to do shopping and other chores. (Darren had to stay at Mukinge to provide medical cover at the Hospital). Elissa brought their 4X4 in for repairs and she was able to borrow an FMZ car. Continue reading “Meeting needs in rural Zambia”

From Secret Service to ‘Senior Service’ in Africa

‘Jim (name changed) sat next to me for over three hours on our flight way into North Eastern Zambia,’ mission pilot and MD for Flying Mission Zambia, Bryan Wilson, told us recently. ‘It was his first trip to Zambia for the purpose of teaching a large pastors conference held twice yearly. Jim told me about his 21 years working for the White House, travelling to over 50 countries, serving his country by doing secret service stuff….. using all the best equipment in the world to protect the President’s travels. 

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Visitors – we love ’em!

Whole team from Texas

Flying Mission missionaries know the importance of keeping their supporters ‘up to speed’ with events, so they try to write bi-monthly reports. Sometimes their friends are so inspired by what they read that they come out and get their hands dirty alongside those they support. This happened to the Kradolfers recently. They wrote about it this month:

“Just recently we had a short term team from Longview Texas visit Chilongolo. The team was from Fellowship Bible Church, our home church from our LeTourneau University time. They came as a team of 11 to support us here at Flying Mission with their gifts, passions, and talents.”

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Vinjeru School is open!

Flying Mission Zambia was ready to ‘skip for joy’ with the children of Vinjeru School when they heard the good news that the school is open! 

FMZ has shared its Hydraform Block Machine with the school on 2 occasions to help them to make progress on their buildings. (Read about that in the item, Helping Children in rural Zambia, on this news site.) It is the purpose of FMZ to enable other missions to fulfil their God-given roles, so we feel it appropriate to share with our supporters what Martin and Karolyn told their supporters recently:


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Helping children in rural Zambia

Meet Karolyn and Martin Simbeye. They want to provide ‘world class opportunities to the under-privileged in Kapiri and the surrounding areas’. Brought up in Zambia himself, Martin has returned with his wife and young children. Their intention? To build a school in a rural area in order to fulfil their vision.

Flying Mission Zambia knows well that ‘we do it better together’ so when this couple requested the use of our Hydraform Block Machine, to build classrooms, toilet facilities etc., we were glad to be able to offer it. Training for the workers was required and we were even able to assist in that capacity too. 

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FMZ on wheels

Flying Mission Zambia is a service mission, facilitating the work of other missions with aviation and logistical support. In order to fulfil this role, a number of different vehicles are put to good use. Here are a few of them in action….


Infrastructure is still being put in place on the airfield, so building machines are often in use around the base at Chilongolo, near to Lusaka.

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So, what was inside that metal box?

This is Bob Parkinson, from Canada.

Not so very long ago we wrote a news item on the shipping container that Bob organised to be sent to Flying Mission Zambia. 

At the time of writing, the container had not been opened. Now we are delighted to show you some of what was inside. Being a practical sort of a guy, Bob knew what to bring and has been able to furnish the mission with many useful tools and materials. Here is just a ‘taster’ of what the ‘metal box’ contained. Continue reading “So, what was inside that metal box?”

More wonderful ‘stuff’

oopsBob Parkinson is a friend of Flying Mission Zambia. Not only has he come over from Canada to help us in previous years, he has recently organised a container of useful ‘stuff’ to be shipped to Chilongolo for use in the ministry to rural Zambia. Last week it arrived safely, but not without incident.

Since Bob would not be in Zambia at the time of arrival of the shipping container, Rick Rempel, Chief Pilot for the mission, was assigned the task of arranging the delivery to the base.

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