Another ‘first’ at Chilongolo

New home at ChilongoloWhen Michael and Jenni Sampson joined the Flying Mission Zambia team, they needed to find a place to stay. After living in rented accomodation for a while they decided that they could both meet their own housing need and also enhance the facilities of the base by building a house on site at Chilongolo. (Read all about its beginnings in the item, Building the Kingdom – and the infrastructure).

In mid-January they moved in. Continue reading “Another ‘first’ at Chilongolo”

Telling the story

Welcome, Andrew Galster! You are a ‘God-gift’ to Flying Mission Zambia!

Andrew GalisterMissionaries are busy people: busy doing what they believe is their God-given task, in their God-given role, in their God-given location. We’re so busy ‘doing it’ that we don’t have much time to ‘tell it’. We know that, despite being intentional about communicating with our supporters, we at FMZ have fallen short in this area quite often. That prevents more folk from hearing of God’s love for the people of Zambia, getting onboard with the vision, supporting it and praying it through to completion. Continue reading “Telling the story”

These boots are made for…MUD

up close and personalDon’t be taken in by the flowery pattern: these boots are no fashion accessory! Anyone who has been in ‘red-earth’ Africa in the rainy season knows well the terror of mud! German-born, Portuguese-dwelling, volunteer Bärbel Kautz has already had experience of it in Lesotho. It sticks like glue and won’t let your feet go! So she planned to avoid repeating this experience by coming to Zambia in September and leaving right at the beginning of December. ‘I don’t do mud’ she declared. Continue reading “These boots are made for…MUD”

Building the Kingdom – and the infrastructure

Jenni and Michael SampsonAustralians Michael and Jenni Sampson have joined the team at the Flying Mission Zambia base, Chilongolo. Michael is the Projects Manager, whilst Jenni manages the Guest House. Here Michael gives us some impressions of his work.

‘Over the last few months the Zambian staff and I have been getting to know each other. I had forgotten about the great sense of humour and their very respectful and relationship-building character traits of Zambians. Continue reading “Building the Kingdom – and the infrastructure”

Caring for the caring

 Jenni SampsonMeet Jenni Sampson. She is Guest House Manager at the Flying Mission Zambia base at Chilongolo, near Lusaka. She shares some insights into her work:

Esther in the kitchen‘It has been 110 days since taking over the Guest House. On 83 of those days we have had guests, catering for 464 people in all. So that is only 37 days when have we had no guests. That is when renovations, cleaning and catch-up stuff happens! The job does take most of my time. Our hours are quite long, just because of the nature of the work but I am enjoying meeting lots of different people and hearing about the many varied work going on around Zambia. Continue reading “Caring for the caring”

Chilongolo Taking Shape

blockworkIt’s all happening here at Chilongolo! Men – and women – are dismantling, extending and re-assembling steel hangar frames. They are brick-laying and plastering with Hydraform blocks. Electrics are going in and stairways are being constructed. Little by little new workshops, maintenance bays, offices, storage bays, parts storage and hangar facilities are coming closer to being operational at Flying Mission Zambia base near to Lusaka.


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Standing in the gap

Scott BleekerWhen our Projects Co-ordinator finally hung up his hat last year, it seemed that building work at Flying Mission Zambia would slow down. But God had other plans! An Australian building team turned up for 3 weeks, followed soon after by a team of 14 people from a supporting Church in Tucson, Arizona.  Scott Bleecker, the builder/pilot who had earlier poured the hangar floor with his son Dan, returned from The States to do more work. Instead of slowing down, we were pretty busy here at Chilongolo, Flying Mission Zambia base.

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Dipalata’s new day

plansThings don’t always go to plan in rural Africa. Last year, a Flying Mission Zambia contingent went to NW Province to complete an airfield for a remote Mission Maternity Clinic. The job proved to be a challenge for a number of reasons. By Christmas the rains had set in and the work had to be shelved until the end of the ‘green season’ – April or May. It was very disappointing for the medical mission personnel, who have waited patiently for some years for this provision. The FMZ workers, who badly wanted to hand over another working airstrip to their partners there, were somewhat frustrated.

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