Children giving


The week after the ‘Christmas handout’ at the Flying Mission base, Chilongolo, it was the turn of the children to discover the joy of giving. They have no resources for buying anything but they have lots of energy that can be channelled into another kind of giving: serving one another.

So before their weekly mix of ‘fun and faith’ – Rainbowz – began, children and helpers alike took an empty cement sack into the compounds where the children live, to pick up the significant amount of litter that always seems to be laying around there. When sacks were full, the chlidren brought them to the Flying Mission gate, ready to dump them in the rubbish pit on the base. 

At first the children were confused by this but then they found it could be fun to do something for others, and proved true what Jesus said,

‘it’s more blessed to give than receive!’

They went on to have a fun time at Rainbowz – and picked up a lollipop each too!




I dropped by the compound the following week and was delighted to find it was still really tidy; tidier than I have ever seen it. The children have set an example to the whole community… and Rainbowz leaders are thinking of scheduling it as a twice-yearly event for the future.

Well done, you guys!