Cinema opens again in Makeni

Mishek, one of the young men discipled by Flying Mission Zambia missionaries, continues to report on his projectionist activities, telling of further decisons for Jesus from the children who came to see the second part of the Gospel story. The sacrifice of Jesus melted the hearts of some of those watching the film, along with hearing God speaking in their own language.

Matthias, FMZ ‘IT man’, explained why he doesn’t actually go to the film shows.

“I don’t want children to come just because a white person is there,” he told me. That is empowering to Mishek and clearly the principle is working.

Now Mishek’s task is to find good Bible teachers to disciple the new converts. He is not content just to get the children saved: he wants to make them into solid disciples. He has good relationships with local pastors and will contact them to help him to teach these little ‘lambs’.