Combating Cold at Rerotlhe Day Care

Children at Rerotlhe Day Care with Donated Items

On 27th June 2014, a team from Flying Mission Care Ministries travelled to the remote settlement of Seherelela (130km from Gaborone) to donate winter clothing to children who attend the Rerotlhe Day Care Centre. The centre is a community based project that provides pre-school education and meals for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from Seherelela and surrounding communities. Flying Mission Care Ministries partners with the day care through training of its preschool teachers, providing training and guidance to its board of trustees, and mobilising resources (such as playground, cooking equipment, toys, books and funding for the feeding programme) to help the project to run and develop.  There are currently 120 children registered as eligible to attend the centre despite it only being able to cater for 40 children (ages 2-6 years per day) at present.

    Some of Rerotlhe Day Care children with their new tracksuits Sonia Sutton dressing one of the children at Rerotlhe Day Care Rerotlhe children learning to play with the donated toy cars and ramp

With winter temperatures in Seherelela getting as low as -50C there was a clear need for warm winter clothing for these children, many of whom are from poor or difficult circumstances. Flying Mission Care Ministries was pleased to respond to this need through the provision clothes and other items to 40 children. It was great to see the joy on the children’s faces when they received and put on their new tracksuits, underwear, socks and sneakers.  We were also able to give toys, children’s Bibles and toothbrushes to the day care centre as well as Bibles, books and sanitary products to the neighbouring Seherelela Primary School. These sound like small gifts for a small number of ‘small people’, but we know that they will be making a BIG impact in the lives of these children.

        Seherelela primary school children holding books donated by Flying Mission Flying Mission Staff at Seherelela

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