D R Congo on the radar

CongoFlying Mission Zambia recently flew its first ever cross-border flight into the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire). Pilot and FMZ manager, Bryan Wilson, transported Dr. David McAdam, resident surgeon from Chitokoloki, in NW Province of Zambia, along with Murray, a building and supplies coordinator, the 500 miles north of FMZ base to a village called  Mulongo. Two years ago when Dr. McAdam did this trip he was able to fly in, but then had to drive out. It took him 10 days. In comparison, the FMZ flight took 9.5 hours even including the border crossing with all the paperwork that goes with that.

surgeryDRC has been war torn for years, but things in the south of the country are improving and Mulongo’s hospital is making a huge difference, seeing thousands of patients annually. While on the ground in Mulongo for six days, new techniquesmany things were going on. David was able to train some local doctors in surgery techniques, and show them how to use the new portable ultrasound machine which was flown in. David has also provided oversight for the administration of the facility for the past year. He continually commented on the great quality of the work done by the Congolese staff.

Murray was able to supervise the building of a new house on site. Bryan helped Murray lay out runway markers on the airstrip to improve safety. Bryan also was able to hmarkerselp hook up solar panels, and was even asked to Bryan giving blood in Congodonate blood for a particular surgery case that was bleeding very badly. All in all a great and productive week was had by all.
FMZ hopes to be able to support the work in DRC with more medical flights in the future, providing training and logistical support to this very needy country.