Fistula patient numbers reduced by improved service in rural places

In October Dr Craig of Mercy Fliers, partner to Flying Mission Zambia, took Dr Breen up to Chitokoloki Mission hospital for the annual fistula repair camp there.  

They had a good visit: Nine patients presented with vesico-vaginal fistula and they also managed to do 3 other major and a few minor gynaecological operations on ladies who were waiting for their arrival.  Four of the fistula patients had come all the way from Angola – about 3 days travel away. All the surgery was successful and the patients were so grateful. 




Dr Craig recently reported that in previous outreaches they have found dozens of patients waiting, many of them suffering for decades. Nowadays they find the numbers much lower with none suffering for more than a year.  Improved services in many rural hospitals has decreased the need for specialist outreaches.

How good it is to report success at this level.