Flying for ZAWA: another angle

Guillermo Flying Mission Zambia Pilot, Guillermo Reddekopp, writes: Flying Mission Zambia is here to help Zambia but it has never before taken on a project like this one. FMZ was asked to assist Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to survey the animal stocks in the National Parks. Understanding that the work would take 3 weeks, FMZ accepted, with the reservation that planes would be withdrawn for normal scheduled mission flights and for maintenance.

It was soon clear that 3 weeks was insufficient time to fulfil the task. However FMZ pressed on to help the Authority complete the job, which finally took nearer to 8 weeks.

Guillermo recalls: ‘One time we had the chance to visit a village. The arrival of the plane was fascinating to local people. Perhaps 90 adults and children gathered around. I wondered how I could share something of God’s love with these people since I did not know their language. I found that a few of the youth had a little English and one was willing to try to translate for me to speak to the group. Later, a second one came to help him out. I gave a short story of how I met with Jesus and told them what a privilege it was to be a missionary pilot in their country. I even managed to share a verse from the Bible since one child had a little ‘Gideon’ New Testament just like the one I had received from that Society as a child in Canada!’

on the jobI became good friends with the ZAWA team whilst we were together. They even began to refer to me as “cousin”! When one got so sick we had to cancel a flight, I was able to pray for him and by the afternoon he was ready to go again! 

‘It was a very good experience’, says Guillermo,’even though it demanded a lot of time and energy. Yes, it was a challenge, but FMZ was able to shine for Jesus.’

You can read another report on ZAWA flying, this time by pilot Rick Rempel, in the article, The Mammoth Task.