FM Office Move

New Flying Mission Head OfficeChange is part of life. Flying Mission (FM) has seen many changes over the years; some minor and some major, the latest being a change of Head Office location from a space in the ‘Kia Motors Building’ in the north of Gaborone in Botswana (where it has been since 2004) to a large house plot in the ‘Village’ suburb the other side of the city. 


Flying Mission workers in the new office

 The new office comprises a large house and several out-buildings in the setting of a large and well maintained garden. It has been within the FM family since the 1980s and prior to that was inhabited by several FM associated families. As well as being a family home at times, it has served as a training facility within the Flying Mission Care (FMC) ministries. In its new phase of life it will now serve as home to the FM Head Office (which provides vital administrative and oversight functions for the other FM areas) as well as the FMC team. It will also continue to provide training facilities in one of its refitted outbuildings (it is currently serving as the base for Pre-School Teacher training courses that FMC is running).

Flying Mission team members decorating the new officeWhilst change is often painful, the pain of this move has been reduced greatly by the FM workers from different departments  and friends who have pulled together to give the buildings a much needed clean and a fresh coat of paint, and also gave up their time and risked major muscle damage to dismantle, relocate and rebuild the office. Throughout it all I have sensed that all involved have been working at their tasks as an act of worship to God, giving it their all and as a result we have seen this daunting task completed quickly, effectively and without injury. We are so grateful for all the help we received, for obstacles overcome and for God’s amazing provision and grace. I have been reminded of how great it is to be alongside dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ working together in ministry.

As someone new to FM and Botswana, it is amazing for me to be able to sit at my desk in the new office, and as I write, to be able to gaze out beyond my laptop screen at the beautiful and inspirational garden and the occasional passing mischievous monkey. Thank you God for your provisions to us and for the dedicated FM family. 

Paul Tanner