FMZ on wheels

Flying Mission Zambia is a service mission, facilitating the work of other missions with aviation and logistical support. In order to fulfil this role, a number of different vehicles are put to good use. Here are a few of them in action….


Infrastructure is still being put in place on the airfield, so building machines are often in use around the base at Chilongolo, near to Lusaka.

This Nissan ‘Bongo’ gets brought into service both on site and in the community. The picture on the left is of a church choir being transported to a funeral.

These ‘little guys’ make moving around the 25 acres site less tiring than if one has to walk everywhere. The staff like to use the buggy for carrying their tools and materials to their jobs.

We appreciate greatly the donation to the mission of these vehicles and the efforts of volunteers like Bob Parkinson who help us to keep them roadworthy when they come to visit the mission.