From Secret Service to ‘Senior Service’ in Africa

‘Jim (name changed) sat next to me for over three hours on our flight way into North Eastern Zambia,’ mission pilot and MD for Flying Mission Zambia, Bryan Wilson, told us recently. ‘It was his first trip to Zambia for the purpose of teaching a large pastors conference held twice yearly. Jim told me about his 21 years working for the White House, travelling to over 50 countries, serving his country by doing secret service stuff….. using all the best equipment in the world to protect the President’s travels. 

But now, after taking early retirement, Jim is released to travel the world in a new way. He is working with “DM2 (Disciple Makers Multiplied)” which is a nonprofit disciple-making organisation developed to train Christian leaders to be strong, doctrinally sound, disciple-makers.

Jim sees his work at the pastors’ conference as even more rewarding and valuable than his old job of protecting some of the world’s most powerful people.

We have been doing these flights a couple of times a year since 2012, and the pastors love the training. The organisers have to limit attendance due to the size of the venue. We always have a very full aeroplane when we go in with the three trainers and all their materials.

Last time we flew them, we asked if there were other ways we could help, outside of aviation transport. The answer was “Yes! Please can you find a way of printing our 130 page workbook locally? It’s very expensive to print in the USA and transport on airlines, etc. and printing in Zambia is not cost effective.” Our office stepped up and got everyone involved and 200 copies (over 26,000 photocopies) were made. Those workbooks went up on the flight and the passengers came down on the return. The aircraft was full both ways. Two hundred pastors represent 200 churches, so that’s 1000’s of people being affected by this training. More pastors are able to be trained and the Zambia Church grows.

We are excited to be part of Discipleship Making Multiplied, and with the help of our aircraft and office staff, multiply their effectiveness in Zambia. Our desire is to see communities transformed, being defined by Christ rather than their circumstances. And DM2 is one group we fly that is making a huge difference in rural Zambia.’

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