From witchcraft to Christ

Perhaps you recognise this header as the title of a book written by Doreen Irvine in UK some years back. Or maybe you thought about Paul in his time at Ephesus when many trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and turned from their magic to the Living God. The good news is that such things are still happening today! We heard this story from Gwen Amborski, Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) missionary formerly at our partner Mission station, Mukinge Hospital, NW Province.

Mukinge from the air

For some time, Gwen and Pastor Mukwabila have ministered in Kasempa State Prison. A number of inmates accepted Christ. One of them was Mpundu Salamba. He was a witchdoctor. He admitted being responsible for the deaths of 17 people including his nephew. Now, miraculously, he is a new man.

When he was released from prison he decided to return to his village to burn all his magic paraphernalia. A group of Christians from the local church went with him, including Don Amborski. At the village, Mpundu brought out all the evil tokens, explained them and threw them onto the fire that was prepared. He placed his walking stick on top and it all went up in smoke. Local people came out to watch this event. The pastors explained what had happened in Mpundu’s life, whereupon 18 more people accepted Christ as Saviour. It was a great day.

Mpundu struggled to believe that he could really be forgiven for the atrocious acts of evil he had committed, which included trying unsuccessfully to kill a pastor. He was led in a prayer of repentance for those things. Then he knew he was free from guilt.

He had another problem, not uncommon in Africa: he had 3 wives. It was wife number 2 who had reported him. He had intended to kill her on his release. Instead he asked for her forgiveness! He told her that her action had brought him to Christ. She then asked him to forgive her! She had become a believer too: she married a Christian man whilst Mpundu was in prison. Mpundu is now looking for reconciliation with his first wife. This story is hot news all around the area.

In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power. Acts 19 v 20


Pray for Mpundu to find a job to support his family. He has been a witch since teenage years. Pray also for wisdom to work out his family issues. We know that God wont let him down.