Happiness is learning to knit

Dust and noise; children shouting to each other as they leave their classrooms. School is out for the day!! Remember the freedom you felt in those days back when?!

But some of the girls-and one boy!-remain and gather around Victoria. She is ready to hand each of the kids their colorful bags containing needles, wool and works in progress. Some are making scarves, some slippers.

Are your eyebrows now “knitting” together, as you try to bring your mind around the idea of scarves and slippers in Africa? Yes, Botswana is in Africa! (Snow fell in Johannesburg, 450 kms. from here, last month!) So it can get COLD here; some mornings we find that Jack Frost has paid us an unwelcome visit during the night. And when the wind is from the south!! –Br-r-r-r! Everyone wraps up. The redeeming factor is that most days are cloudless and sunny.

Victoria, a colleague from Nigeria living in the village of Kumakwane, had wanted to start a knitting project with women. She decided that the best way to contact women who would be interested would be through the PTA at the primary school where she was already ministering. As soon as she mentioned her desire to the teachers, MmaItumeleng, the Standard/Grade Five teacher, called her “an answer to prayer”, –not for the women, but for her students! She had been looking for someone to teach them. And that is how this project began, and I, Tina, am glad to be involved.

We are so thankful for the contributions of wool and needles which we have already received, and I look with eagerness to the arrival of the mail each day as I know that other parcels are on their way.

The girls chatter as they work, some learning more quickly than others. Personal space, it seems, is almost non-existant, as three of the girls are sharing one chair. More chairs are available but they like life close together, and, after all, as teenage girls, there is always something to talk about!!