Helping children in rural Zambia

Meet Karolyn and Martin Simbeye. They want to provide ‘world class opportunities to the under-privileged in Kapiri and the surrounding areas’. Brought up in Zambia himself, Martin has returned with his wife and young children. Their intention? To build a school in a rural area in order to fulfil their vision.

Flying Mission Zambia knows well that ‘we do it better together’ so when this couple requested the use of our Hydraform Block Machine, to build classrooms, toilet facilities etc., we were glad to be able to offer it. Training for the workers was required and we were even able to assist in that capacity too. 

brick machine trainingThe machine has been twice to the location to help this couple to achieve their goals:

Our intention is to build up from a small scale school providing for one grade 8 class and one grade 10 class in the first year, then expanding year on year so that grades 8 – 12 are all covered after 3 years at the most. We intend to build the first block of classrooms in time for the beginning of the school year in January 2013.  Eventually we hope that the school will have boarding facilities as well so that we can cater for children from the more rural areas of Kapiri.‘    

hydraform blocks curingThe use of the block machine has moved them closer to this reality.

Read more of their story on the website www.vinjeruschooltrust.orgclassroom block taking shape

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