Helping out in Macha

Flying Mission Zambia people seem to be retracing their steps just now. Following Diane Wilson’s trip back to Mukinge where she nursed (read it in……Mukinge Hospital re-visited), pilot Rick Rempel took his family back to Macha recently. The rural village was Rick and Tracey’s first home after their marriage. Rick was going to help MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) to erect a water tower. He was helping to lay the footings. MICS is a day / boarding school which helps under-privileged children.

The new water system should be a great help for them. Till now, staff have needed to manually carry water for their 100 students every day. 

After renewing friendships in the village, Rick met with the construction manager to organise for 8 workers to dig the footings.  They then needed gravel, sand and bags of cement to make concrete. But before they could proceed with that, they had to get the tractor running. 

Rick repairingWith the oil changed and filters cleaned, they thought that the tractor was ready, so the guys went off to get the materials. Some time later they found another problem: the tractor clutch was slipping. Rick was able to adjust the clutch so they could complete the footings for the tower: job done, and a working tractor as a bonus!

Since that time, the Macha water tower has been erected on the footings, the system completed and we understand that it is working well. Good news indeed.