How do you get to the hospital?

Today we met a family who were camped out beside the floating pontoon which brings patients across the river Zambezi at Chitokoloki, N W Province. They did not drive here and they certainly did not fly! They came in a tiny mokoro (dugout canoe) from the town of Lukulu, 2 days paddling time along the river. They had brought their child to see a doctor. The little guy had a problem with his eye. Lukulu has Government clinics but the family wanted their child to be seen by one of the Chitokoloki doctors, of whom they had heard such good reports.

When they arrived, they set up camp on the bank of the river. They used their mokoro poles as tent poles and hung a tarpaulin over for protection. They had pots for cooking and a mosquito net, under which the 4 of them would sleep that night. Then they prepared to wait their turn for the doctor.


Roger and I chatted with them when we walked to the river after work. They offered us shelter under the tarp when it rained unexpectedly. We prayed with them for the little boy to receive the help he needed. The next day they were gone. We are believing that they received that help and have returned home in the same way that they came.

To drive to Chitokoloki from Lusaka takes at least 11 hours. FMZ planes regularly reduce that journeying time for visiting doctors and other workers to two and a half hours. We at FMZ feel privileged to assist in this ministry of expressing God’s love to rural Zambia by helping to provide the aviation and logistical help that the Mission needs.

Sally Green