I know what you need!

CASAS church in Tucson, Arizona, USA, has generously supported Flying Mission Zambia in various ways over a number of years so it was not altogether surprising to hear from them last year with another proposition. They were upgrading their Christian School laptops, and offering the obsolete models to Zambia. Although initially we had no obvious need for them, we gratefully accepted them. They were to come out in a container which was due to arrive in June. It finally came in August. In September, just a matter of days later, FMZ was informed of a burglary in Macha – laptops were taken from New Day Orphanage! The rest is history!

FMZ is always excited when it can have a part in God working out His plans here on earth. Before the robbery even occurred, He was stirring hearts many miles from Zambia to bless these dear children.

The New Day Orphanage website (www.newdayorphanage.org) explains its 3-fold mission:

  • to introduce orphans to Jesus: ‘Our goal is that these children see themselves as servants of God, called to minister to those around them and spread the message of the Gospel to their own people.
  • bring them up in their own culture:  ‘If these children are to be the leaders of tomorrow for Zambia, they must be able to identify with their home culture.’
  • to give them a quality education:  ‘The orphans will be given a quality education from preschool through grade 12, in the hopes that they will continue on to a University setting. The goal is that every student will be equipped to provide for his or her household, as well as give back to the community.’

 We think that these laptops from USA are going to be very helpful to the children and rejoice that God had a splendid plan to provide for them despite the evil intentions of others.