In His Time: A Christmas Story

C&JSince my husband Colin and I arrived in Maun, our hearts desire has been to reflect the love of Christ to others around us. As our first Christmas here approached, we were yearning even more to truly share the meaning of Christ’s love with others living in Maun. We began poking around in the Flying Mission storage containers for material resources for ministry, and came across just the blessing we were hoping for. One of the containers was full of boxes of baby clothes and toiletry supplies! We filled our vehicle with all the goodies we had found and returned to the FMS house to sort them with the help of our porter, Robert, and his wife Pusetso.

As the Flying Mission Services team in Maun, we organised piles of gift bags to be distributed to local people in need.  We had baby bags sorted for new or expecting mothers and toiletry bags for children.  The toiletry bags  included such items as hand towels, soap, shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brushes.  These kits were then packaged into canvas tote bags with FMS decals that we had also discovered in the container, and with that were ready for delivery.  With the help of a local friend, Mmatshimo, Colin and I went to several local villages as well as Robert’s home village and distributed the gift bags.

KidsIn the small village communities, people live very simply in small concrete or mud huts with satisfying basic needs being an everyday focus.  Everyone was thrilled by the gifts bags we circulated, showing their gratefulness with smiles and chatter in Setswana. As we visited from home to home, it felt a bit like being a pied piper of children with their enthusiasm surrounding us as they followed along. The majority of children in the small village areas, feel fortunate to have a few clothes and some food to eat. With minimal financial resources, the children amazed us with their creativity by showing us the toy cars they made from wire and soda pop cans. All the children loved having their picture taken, and all Colin had to do was point the camera in a direction and they would run that way, gather together, and pose.  Our camera has been such a useful tool for ministry, as we have printed out the pictures we took and returned to continue building relationships with the people the Lord placed in our lives that day.

With the discovery of these basic items, we can see now that they were not left lying idle but God had seen to it that they were stored for distribution in His perfect time. Not only were we able to give needed things to people who greatly appreciated the material help, but we were able to plant a spiritual message in addition to reflecting Christ like love, as we distributed the gift bags. In a simple and practical way we were able to share Christ, who is the real gift of Christmas.