Keeping up to speed

Despite being without a builder for more than a year now, Flying Mission Zambia continues to grow. Come and see what’s happening at this point.

This is the hangar area developing.

And inside….





















The next project is the setting up of the office facility. Just last week an architect spent some days gathering information from the various parties who will use the office complex. He will help FMZ to design the most efficient work space.

This view shows more clearly the runway on the far side of the hangar. (Bryan  Wilson, MD, was able to take these panoramic views from the water tower, by the way.) Flying Mission Zambia is finalising the purchase of an extension to this runway.

The lower centre aspect of the next photo takes in the Guest House complex which is situated inside the compound wall. Manager Nina Kehr has recently added a braai area to its beautiful garden.


To the right of the Guest House you may notice two red-roofed buildings. These are houses which have been built for mission personnel. A third has recently been completed on another part of the plot. Pilot Timo Kehr has been overseeing the project with the team of local men who take care of the building work on the plot. A busy man is Timo! But that could be said of all those on the FMZ team.













So, life continues apace at Chilongolo. If this excites you and you would like to be a part of this focused team which works to connect rural Zambia with the rest of the country, the world and the God who loves people with a passion, do contact our HR manager at HRZam[at] to discuss a number of vacancies.