Man makes his plans…

The Human Resources Department is based at Head Office in Gaborone. It deals with enquiries about positions with Flying Mission and provides relevant information to those interested in joining the mission. Once accepted, those missionaries then work with HR to get themselves, their families and their goods and chattels into the country for a particular time. Sounds easy? It is NOT. Africa has its own challenges when it comes to communications.

flying into AfricaHR writes: ‘We were trying to get Erica to arrive on the same flight as Samuel. It proved too difficult. Then we were concerned to hear that she was going to be in O.R.Tembo airport – Johannesburg – from 2200 to 0600.’ Not the best when you are just setting off on a brand new experience on an unfamiliar continent.

There’s a verse in Proverbs that says, ‘Man makes His plans but God has the last word.’ In this instance He arranged for Erica to meet up with some of the FM family! Yes, there at the airport in Johannesburg!

Erica with Doug and Deb at airport

Doug and Deb Hammes were travelling back to Flying Mission Zambia through Johannesburg. Erica happened to approach them for some advice about her luggage, which they gave her. They were surprised to discover that she was headed for FM Botswana, which was their previous mission field. They linked up and chatted through the night, giving Erica an idea of what to expect when she arrived and generally setting her mind at rest. They saw her to the Botswana plane before taking their own connection to Zambia.

Doug and Deb ministering to children in LusakaThey were obviously having so much fun at this ‘slumber party’, as Doug termed it, that others joined them! By the end of the night they were up to 6! I don’t think much slumbering  took place but it was a very good connection. God knows how to do things oh so well!