Meeting needs in rural Zambia

Elissa and Darren Tompkins have served as Medical missionaries at Mukinge Hospital in NW Zambia for 8 years. Darren is the Medical Director. Elissa home schools their 5 children.

Elissa and the children stayed at the Flying Mission Zambia Guest House in Lusaka for some days recently, in order to do shopping and other chores. (Darren had to stay at Mukinge to provide medical cover at the Hospital). Elissa brought their 4X4 in for repairs and she was able to borrow an FMZ car.

During her time in Lusaka she was able to spend time with several FMZ families. Her kids made new friends and went to youth group and church here. The FMZ ladies were able to take Elissa for a night out, help her with shopping, babysit the kids, and share meals together… times of fun and encouragement. In return, Elissa helped FMZ families by sharing homeschooling roles.

The repairs on the car took much longer than anticipated (not uncommon in Zambia) and so Elissa and her kids had to extend their time in town. To save her some money, the Guest House was able to move them into the newly opened self-catering accommodation which is cheaper for families. They were finally flown back to Mukinge when their car repairs took just too long and the car had to be collected at a later stage!

FMZ has been able in the past to provide auto repair to missionaries and is presently looking for another mechanic to step up to this position.

Living in rural Zambia as a family is often hard. Mission placements can be far from shops, amenities, schools, activities and friends for children. Elissa was so grateful for the help she was given by FMZ and blessed by her time in Lusaka. It was a time for help, to recharge, get tasks accomplished and make new connections and friendships. We were blessed to serve Elissa and her family in this way.

FMZ exists specifically to support the missionaries serving and sharing the Gospel in rural Zambia. The ministry of our Flying Mission Guest House is to offer a comfortable, cheap place to stay in Lusaka. The accommodation is very pleasant and meals are available. There is a beautiful, quiet garden and a swimming pool.

Thank you for partnering with us in serving missionaries like the Tompkins family.