Mighty is She

Mighty is a young lady from the village of Otse. I first met Mighty when I started working with Roberta at the Home Based Care unit out in Otse. I went to work with Roberta on developing skills among the HIV/AIDS positive volunteers at the Home Based Care. The skills I brought were in knitting and card making. Mighty always seemed to want to be there and took up whatever craft was going on, but never seemed to commit to anything or follow through on a given project. This became increasingly frustrating even if she was sweet. One week Mighty started knitting a purse. She had never knit before so I go her started and then all of sudden she left. The next week she arrived and asked what she was going to do that day. When asked where her project was from the previous week, she said it was at home. I then showed her on a sample what the next steps were on her purse and really emphasized that I wanted to see it next week with progress made. She then spent the rest of the time looking at different projects in a knitting magazine that I gave her to look at. I don’t know if it was the raised expectations or the inspiration of the magazines, but after this week things changed. Mighty came to group the next week with the main part of her purse done and was ready for me to show her how to finish it. She has now done several purses and a small shawl and has started a hat. She comes excited every week and never leaves her current project at home. One week Mighty came and proclaimed, “I like Sara, she is my friend, she taught me how to knit. And now I have become proficient.” By Sara Collins.