Mukinge Hospital re-visited

Diane Wilson, wife of Flying Mission Zambia Managing Director Bryan, tells of the visit their family made to North West Province recently:

travelling ‘It’s always special for me to return to Mukinge Hospital in North West Zambia. It is the place where I worked as a nurse for 2 ½ years from 1998 and where I fell in love with Africa! A new Maternity Ward has been built in the last 5 years to cater for increasing numbers of ladies having babies at the hospital. It looks great. Female Ward, where I used to work, has been expanded to include a ‘High Care’ area. The hospital caters for patients from miles and miles around as its reputation for giving good care is well known. People even travel here from Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, on occasions.

Diane enjoyed showing her 3 children the area:

‘It’s so free;  they loved riding their bikes all around the mission station on the dirt roads and paths (much more fun than the roads on our plot in town, they said); climbing  mango trees, going on hikes with Dad up Mukinge Hill and to the swamps nearby – and of course lots of swimming!’

children playingWhilst the family enjoyed the surroundings, Bryan was also busy organising the fencing of the runway which serves the Mission Hospital. Flying Mission has responsibility for maintenance of this airstrip so that it is always available to the aircraft which serve the hospital. In rural locations where land has historically been communal, it is difficult to maintain safety without fencing the area off.

Foreman Leonard helps out  

Michelle Proctor, who has nursed there for many years, told Diane recently:

Mukinge surgeons at work“The hospital continues to struggle with lack of supplies and funds.  One month the grant never arrived but the good news is we should get some of our money for this month. Due to a lack of ‘giving sets’ (to give intravenous fluids) we had stopped doing major elective surgery cases. Now our autoclave (for sterilizing equipment and linen) has broken down, so our surgery has all but ground to a halt except for emergencies.  We have a brand new autoclave waiting to be installed but we are waiting for the experts to come and do it. We’re hoping and praying it will happen really soon."

A great work is going on at Mukinge to assist those in rural Zambia in the name of Jesus. FMZ is so very glad to have a part in it by providing aviation, prayer and logistical support.