New experience, new swing!

Being a Flying Mission Zambia pilot is not just about flying aeroplanes – oh no. Pilot Rick Rempel, stationed at Macha with his family, decided to offer a new experience to the older boys at the MICS (Macha Innovative Christian School) by helping them to design and build a swing set for the school. 

He tells us, "The first thing the boys did was to look at another swing set to see how it was designed and how we could build our own. They then started to cut the metal pipes with the angles, grind the excess metal off and now they are trying their hand at arc welding. As you can see they are making progress."



Director Ronda Krause’s response was one of appreciation.

"Thanks Mr. Rick. Imagine what some prospective employer will say when these guys have welding on their resume/cv!"

And here is Rick’s wife, Tracey Rempel, encouraging the workers, along with Gil and Ronda Krause, who are very proud of the achievement of their pupils. Don’t you just love it when God puts a plan together?