New microscope from supporters aids healing in Mongu

This year is the fourth year that Doctors Uta and Craig (from Mercy Fliers, partner of Flying Mission Zambia) have visited Mongu hospital on the Zambezi river, about 150km south of Chitokoloki. They took with them a new microscope donated to Uta by some German friends of hers.  This microscope is amazing. Instead of the old thing which weighed 30kg and filled the aircraft, this new one weighs 8kg and occupies a briefcase!  

They set up the scope so that Uta could see her patients in clinic on our first day. Then they moved the kit over to theatre the next morning and spent 12 hours operating on all the patients that needed surgery. 


As usual when working in this region of the western Zambezi they had quite a number of patients from Angola too.  In all they treated 7 patients in the clinic and operated on 7 other patients. Most were children, which is particularly rewarding. Craig was very impressed with Uta’s fluent Swahili from her years of working in Tanzania. She was able to communicate with all our patients. 

What a blessing to be able to help those deafened by disease and neglect through this specialised surgery.