Nina’s done it again

Our creative Nina has been at work in the hangar. She explains:

I had the privilege of thinking about some creative ways to express the work we are doing here in Zambia and how we contribute to seeing Zambia being transformed.

Not only did God give me words and pictures in my mind, but He also sent me two wonderful people from Switzerland who were willing to pick up a paintbrush and get the job done

Isn´t it one of the greatest things when we can share our gifts and finish a project together?

Isn’t it much more rewarding to see the sparkle in somebody else’s eyes finishing a project which is an expression of your heart?  

I very much enjoyed the time I spent with these 2 wonderful people!

They have not only been a blessing to me but to the team of Flying Mission Zambia. With their effort and diligence in the work, they are a part of Flying Mission Zambia, a part of transforming Zambia! Thank you so much, Cyrill and Conny.

Team up and change the world!