Plane facilitates change for the better

Clinic day

Mission partner, Mukinge Hospital, is just one of many mission and development organisations to receive regular aviation support from Flying Mission Zambia. Every month, FMZ flies medical personnel from the organisation FlySpec to the hospital to assist the staff to give the best possible care to their rural patients.

Michelle Proctor recently reported:

The orthopaedic team made their monthly visit from Lusaka and as usual it was a busy two days seeing all the patients on the wards and in clinic and then operating on those who need surgery.  We are thankful that they can come every month and take care of the more complicated surgeries that we cannot do.  Without these visits, many of these surgeries would not get done, as the alternative is to make the journey to Lusaka for surgery there.  The cost of travel and accommodation in Lusaka is beyond the means of many, so these visits can mean the difference between walking again or not for some patients.  The conditions treated vary from complicated fractures caused by trauma to congenital problems such as club feet.congenital problem


Michelle sent us pictures to give us an idea of what happens when the plane brings the doctor. Medical experts out there can make their own diagnosis from this xray, if they like!