Preparing the next generation of mission pilots


Just as Flying Mission is celebrating 10 years in Zambia (read Rick and Tracey Rempel’s report in Flying in Zambia – 10 years on)  Rick and Tracey have announced a major change in their personal situation: a move back to Canada.

Here is how they describe it:

‘We have been in conversation with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in regard to opportunities for us to continue to serve with them in Canada. In August of this year we will be moving to Three Hills, Alberta, to serve at Prairie College of Mission Aviation (PCMA). Here Rick, along with two other longterm MAF missionaries and an experienced team of dedicated Christian instructors, will be teaching and mentoring the next generation of missionary pilots. We are excited and are all looking forward to this new ministry opportunity, and give thanks to God for the amazing way He has orchestrated this next chapter of our lives. In early June Rick will return to Zambia to pack up and ship some of our things, sell and give away the rest, and also say our goodbyes to our friends and colleagues. Tracey and the boys will be remaining in Abbotsford, Canada where the boys will be finishing up the school year.

In July we will be packing and getting ready to move in early August so that Rick can retake his Flight Instructor Licence exam which will prepare him for the next intake of students in September. Please pray with us as we prepare to transition to this new area of ministry.’

Christmas with the Rempels, helped by Walt and Ev Driediger

Flying Mission will miss this family. They have been in on the Zambia story from the beginning and they will leave a hole in the mission family. But God has good in mind so we release them with grace for this new and important work that they will be doing. Perhaps one of Rick’s students will fill his shoes one day!

Thank you to the Rempels for your quiet, stalwart giving of yourselves to the work in Zambia.

Rick at work

We’ll certainly be praying that your new career will continue the investment you have already made to sharing the Gospel around the world. We have every confidence it will.