Say it with shoes


Missionary to work as a shoe shop assistant:shoes for the community

  • Must be able to lift heavy boxes
  • spend hours inside a hot and smelly 40 foot long container
  • bring a smile to the faces of satisfied customers
  • be willing to be accused of dealing unfairly after trying your utmost to be fair

Such is the power of love that someone actually took that job recently. Thank you, Mrs Paul – Pauline Collier!

Since 2005, donors have been sending shoes to children in the Makeni Konga area of Lusaka where Flying Mission Zambia is based. Shoes mean that children can go to school. They are expensive here, so, very often, children are forced to stay at home and miss out on the primary education this country provides.

You can imagine the excitement when the local children hear that shoes have arrived – 220 kgs of shoes this time! That is quite a lot – 11 BIG boxes in all. Not all the donated shoes are suitable for school wear (flat black is stipulated by government schools although community schools are not so strict) but nothing will be wasted. What Pauline cannot distribute in our neighbourhood will go to local churches and orphanages for them to hand out amongst the needy in their congregations.choosing shoes is hard work

The New Forest folk of Hampshire, UK, have been donating all the shoes till now, but it is time to ‘pass the baton’ to others.  If you would like to organise a collection of shoes to meet this significant need, please call the FMZ office and volunteer. It would be such a shame if Pauline couldn’t continue to make use of her newfound skills as a shoe department assistant!happy boys

Perhaps you could think that this isn’t very spiritual. We believe that would be wrong. Every act of love is a tool God uses. These children and families are precious to Him. We hope that there will be many more boxes of shoes arriving at Chilongolo in the future, so that we can continue to share the love of God in this way with all our neighbours.