So, what was inside that metal box?

This is Bob Parkinson, from Canada.

Not so very long ago we wrote a news item on the shipping container that Bob organised to be sent to Flying Mission Zambia. 

At the time of writing, the container had not been opened. Now we are delighted to show you some of what was inside. Being a practical sort of a guy, Bob knew what to bring and has been able to furnish the mission with many useful tools and materials. Here is just a ‘taster’ of what the ‘metal box’ contained.



Bob was able to give bicycles to the Flying Mission Zambia workers. You can imagine that they found those very acceptable! But now there is no excuse for being late for work!  

Additionally, there was a gift from Canada to the local church which John and Faith Solt have helped to establish in the area of Chilongolo. But you’ll have to read about that in another item!

Bob has now returned to Canada but not before he was given a good FMZ send-off: a braai (barbeque) in the grounds of the Guesthouse. It was meant to be a thank you to him for all his hard work in getting the container to its destination and distributing the contents to the various work stations.