So where are you?

Sonia and Jonathan Weaver“What? Not coming back tonight?…er, ok…have you got your toothbrush?”

No, you’re right. I don’t really know what Sonia Weaver said to her husband when he phoned to say that he had to stay overnight in the bush but I’m guessing she was a bit disappointed. She had prepared a special meal for them to enjoy when Jonny got back from his bush flight. Then she heard that, as pilot and Chief Engineer for Flying Mission, he had to deal with a fault in one of the planes that was flying to Zambezi town in NW Province, taking 20 students to a bush placement. (You can read about that flight in ‘The Inside Story’ on this page.) Because of time, Jonathan would not be able to get back to base in daylight. 

Of course it happens in work of this nature, but when you are newly married it’s a bit deflating to sit down to noodles alone instead of a candlelit dinner with the ‘love of your life’. Sonia was not defeated, though: she set aside the ingredients of the meal for the next evening when they could have that date she had in mind.

Accepting this part of the role of mission pilot wife is Sonia’s part in the great work that Flying Mission does in rural Zambia. Thanks for the sacrifice, Sonia, and all the other pilot wives who accept this as ‘par for the course’.