Special Ed – Cross-cultural Kids

Today in home school we continued our section on “Wh” questions, this time focusing on “What,” “Where,” and “When.” Once again KG gave a lot of answers that differed from the ones given in the book – but this time I could blame it on her cross-cultural upbringing.

“What makes a car run?” I asked. “Gasoline,” said the book. “Petrol,” said KG.

“Where do ants live?” I asked. “In anthills,” said the book. “In ant mounds,” said KG.

“When do you put a stamp on an envelope?” I asked. “Before you mail it,” said the book. “Before you post it,” said KG.

“When does a rooster crow?” I asked. “In the morning,” said the book. “All night long,” said KG.

“When do you pack a suitcase?” I asked. “When you’re going on a trip,” said the book. “When you’re going to the game reserve,” said KG.

“When do you use a flashlight?” I asked. “At night,” said the book. “When the power goes off!” said KG.

I got one wrong, too. “Where do you wear socks?” the question asked. “Hmmm,” I thought. “’It’s usually too hot to wear socks, but the one place kids HAVE to wear socks is to school.” Then I looked at the answer. “On your feet,” it said.

KG got that one right!