Textbooks break the record! says Ronda

Ronda Krause, Director of Macha Innovative Christian School, MICS, which serves the Macha community in the bush, sent us this report recently. Flying Mission Zambia is proud to be able to help in situations like this.

Pilot John  unloads cargoLast week I was talking to God about the fact that we needed more textbooks. You see, the ones we have been using for the last five years were already secondhand when we got them. A school in Botswana was so kind when they gave us their used books to get us started. The other day I noticed the condition of the books as I was getting some reading books for the fifth grade class. Yikes! Most of them were falling apart!!

Gil Krause  takes a lookNo sooner had I thought about needing new text books than I got a call from Lusaka saying that 20 boxes of textbooks had arrived. Just the fact that 20 boxes arrived together by mail from the States was a miracle! At any rate, after the call, I received an email from Jon Backens telling us his mother in law, Mrs. Livingston from New York, had donated reading and math textbooks to MICS and they had mailed them to us…..I should be expecting them! So then I knew that, as well as remaining together, they had travelled in record time! Only a few days later, Flying Mission flew them into Macha.

We are so thankful for the wonderful gift and blessing! Textbooks are so expensive and hard to get when you are in Macha. We thank the Livingston family and the Backens family for following the Lord’s leading and sending them to us so they would arrive at a time just when we really needed them.