The Big ‘Day Out’

We all like a change, don’t we? And around the Flying Mission base outside of Lusaka, Zambia, there’s not too much opportunity for that for the teens who live there. So our new Community Outreach couple, Michael and Severina Ndhlovu, decided to make it happen for the girls anyway. Here’s what’s happening at Chilongolo on a monthly basis nowadays.. The Big Day Out!Girls' Day Out

Michael explains the intention of the meetings as relational and educational as well as spiritual. He has begun with a cultural hot potato, abuse, addressing sexual problems, HIV and Aids. and the dangers of early marriage. Girls are encouraged to return to school if they left due to pregnancies.learning time

Of course all this teaching is founded on Christian principles and always in the mix is encouragement to know Jesus personally and to find a spiritual home locally where support may be given. ‘This 29th July teaching was “ Walking in the light” and a good number of the girls rededicated or gave their lives to Christ.’
Severiina with her girls
Severina, Michael’s wife, was teaching along with Mrs. Mandanji, a pastor friend. All the local church leaders have been invited to participate in these Days Out.
Along with this important teaching is the chance to make new friends and relax together away from the humdrum of local life. The Community Centre on the FMZ complex is a perfect venue for chilling out, especially in this winter weather!
At the Community Centre
And food is an essential part of African gatherings so there is some of that too.
sharing a mealdown time
Michael says, ‘In our next meetings we plan to bring in the mothers of the girls that come to the meetings: to help those mothers whose girls have been abused or gone into early marriage to know how to help their daughters. This would include winning the mothers to Christ.’ Then he adds, ‘We also intend to bring in boys and men at a later stage.’
We’re sharing Michael’s big vision with you so that you can join him in reaching these lovely young women and their families for Jesus by praying for them – and you might even like to ‘chip in’ with a little something to make their ‘Big Day’ extra special. The Finance Office would be glad to receive any gifts.
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