The indefatigable love of God

There is a young man in Makeni whose heart burns for Jesus and his community. His name is Mishek.

Ever since Flying Mission Zambia began to operate its base outside of Lusaka, there has been a bond with the local community. It has manifested in different forms -Women’s Handwork and Bible group [Tiyanjane], Lads’ soccer, children’s Sunday meeting [Rainbowz], Girls’ Day Out project, Lads Bible Study, as well as other intermittent events. You can read about their evolution since 2004 on the website here.



The Community Outreach Leader Michael has moved from the immediate area and so some of those activities have come to a halt. However the Gospel pounding in the hearts of God’s people is relentless and we are delighted to tell of a small project that has been put together by Mishek, one of the young Rainbowz leaders, with the help of Matthias, our IT guru. 

Mishek has taken the Jesus film to the local school in Makeni to show the children the Gospel story in their own language.

Over 100 of them came to the first ‘episode’ and he will continue to develop it over the coming weeks. Matthias provided the technical knowhow to enable him to do this and we rejoice that Mishek, himself discipled by FM missionaries, is now discipling his own people. 

Please pray for fruit from his labours. He says the initial response was very good. These young folk so need to know how much God loves them. And they are knowing it through His people.

Go, Mishek!